If you think you should be making more money for the hours you are putting in, then you are not alone. It might surprise you to know that many businesses are under-pricing their products or undervaluing their contribution, slashing their profits in the process. Others are over-pricing and missing out on potential business.

With more than two decades in the hospitality industry, where even a few extra grams can throw out a provider’s profits, Sean Grehan understands the importance of getting your costing model right.

Sean and his team can help you understand vital components of your business including your fixed and variable costs, your marginal costs, your breakeven point, labour and machine efficiency, the profit you can expect and the cost of your process or activity.

They can also help you set your KPI’s, develop turnover budgets for your sales team for each division or product, and help you develop price reductions or source new suppliers for your purchase.

Powerful costing insights can literally transform a business. Imagine what it could do for yours! To learn more about our costing solutions, Please get in touch with our team.

Free-up your valuable time, alleviate your administrative burden and take control of your business information with our value-added book-keeping, compliance and business analysis expertise.

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